How to join European Dental Group

Each process to join European Dental Group is unique and tailored to the needs of the individual clinic. Generally, the process of joining EDG consists of four phases.

1. Getting to know each other
First, we’ll get acquainted with each other and speak about your individual situation. What is important to you and what are your plans? You’ll meet our local team and learn more about what we stand for. We’ll provide you with references – other dentists who openly talk about the collaboration within European Dental Group and our local rogations. Once you are confident that European Dental Group is the right partner for you and your clinic, we are ready to move on to discuss the next steps.

2. Preparation of an indicative proposal
You provide us with additional background on your clinic, team, aspirations and financial situation. EDG develops a proposal that is tailored to your needs. Typically, this step is concluded by agreeing a letter of Intent (LoI), which outlines the deal conditions, including a valuation for your clinic and a proposed deal structure.

3. Completion of the acquisition process
We perform due diligence to review your operational, financial and legal situation. We negotiate, agree and jointly execute the legal contracts that are needed to formalize the transaction and to define our future relationship. The transaction is complete once the relevant regulatory approvals have been granted.

4. Joining the leading European dental network
We’ll start working together and tailor our support to the needs and preferences of your clinic.