Why should you join EDG?

Professional support

Our professional support in areas such as general management, compliance, HR, quality management, IT, marketing, procurement, education and finance enables our clinicians to focus on clinical work and first-class patient care.

Local decision-making and clinical independence

We are convinced that the best decisions are taken as close to the patient as possible. Therefore, clinical decisions are always independently taken by our clinicians. If advice is needed, our clinicians are able to tap into our extensive European network of oral care experts. In addition, professionals also benefit from our quality team and resources to ensure practice standards and regulatory compliance.

Stability and long-term focus

As a dentist-led organization, clinical excellence and best patient care is part of our DNA. We have a deep understanding of the dentist’s day-to-day needs and consequently provide the right support. We are committed to quality of patient care and employee satisfaction. We are financially stable and continuously invest in people, education, equipment and premises.

Rewarding environment

We are fostering a supportive and stimulating work environment, where we share personal and professional experiences and help our teams and clinicians to fully develop and leverage their skills.

Developing your clinic

We have extensive experience and dedicated resources to partner with you in taking your clinic to the next level.

Continuation of your clinic and succession planning

By offering smart, structured ways to ease your transition into retirement, we can help ensuring that your clinic continues thriving and providing good care for your patients.

What changes once we are partners?

We work as a partner together with the former owners and tailor our support depending on the needs and preferences of each clinic. Each of our partner dentists continues to take the decisions that are in the clinic’s best interest – clinical independence is a core principal of EDG. Employment contracts for employees stay with the clinic as before. The clinic’s location, its customers and team remain unchanged. Step-by-step the clinic becomes more familiar with the EDG support functions and learns how to maximize the value of the capabilities within our organization. Together we continue growing and developing your clinic.

Join us!

Are you looking for a dental-led partner to accommodate your practice and serve your patients together with you and your team? Then it is time to contact us and find out all you would like to know about European Dental Group and how we can support you.

If you are interested in taking your clinic to the next level or if you are considering retirement with the aim to ensure succession and the successful future of your clinic – EDG is your partner of choice!

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