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We stimulate curiosity and promote synergy amongst our members. By creating an open and transparent environment, we accelerate innovation in technology and patient experience. We are open.

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We believe our culture is one of the cornerstones of our success. So, we are committed to maintain our stimulating working environment and pleasant culture. We invest in happiness.

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We are here primarily because we care about the quality of dental services. We help our colleages and partners achieve their ambitions and improve their organisations. We are involved.

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We are convinced of our ability to improve the quality of dental care. Our entrepreneurial mentality drives us to look for possibilities and find solutions where others stop. We are driven.

Health and well-being of patients

To have a long-term impact on personal health and well-being, we provide the right balance between care, cure, and prevention.

At European Dental Group, we distribute knowledge across specialisms throughout the entire dental value chain. This ensures that our patients benefit the most from our collective knowledge.

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International network with strong local impact

We provide the highest standard in treatment and patient experience across Europe. We exchange knowledge, education, and innovative technologies amongst our partners to help local teams drive their business forward. Together we build a network that benefits all of our businesses and the people who work there.

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