Our Code of Conduct

European Dental Group shall conduct its care for patients, people and partners at a high level of integrity and ethics.

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Healthy patients

Giving the best quality care to our patients every day which is based on care, cure and prevention for the long term.

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Motivated partners

Offering interesting partnerships within a European and professional environment with lots of room for further growth and personal development.

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Happy people

Creating an inclusive and pleasant working environment, in which employees feel valued and empowered to fulfill their full potential.

Our ambition

We believe that acting together transparently, ethically and responsible with care of our patients, people and environment is the right thing to do for all stakeholders involved and the community. We  apply the following guiding principles:

  • Providing the best quality of (dental) care for our patients;
  • Acting responsibly to provide people with sustainable employment opportunities and taking care of their well-being and engagement;
  • Being ethical and respectful towards all stakeholders involved and the community;
  • Complying with all environmental, safety & security and privacy protection and fair dealing law.
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The way we care for Environment & Community

European Dental Group recognizes the need to protect the natural environment and to do business in a socially responsible manner. Keeping our environment clean and unpolluted benefits us all. We will always follow best practices when disposing waste and using chemical substances.

At European Dental Group, we are strongly committed to complying with legal obligations, we proactively protect the environment. This commitment is fundamental in meeting our responsibilities towards Patients, People and the Community. One of the examples of relevant activities such as conserving-energy and using environmentally friendly technologies.

To show our commitment and implement the first steps to take in protecting the environment we decide to start measuring the CO2 emission as from this year 2021 onwards. Achieving economic growth on the one hand and taken care of sustainable development of our business on the other hand requires that we need to reduce our CO2 footprint. Based on the outcomes of the measurement we will develop plans to reduce waste and lower use of electricity and heating.